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Name: LiangChuan(Factory Auditor)

Duty: ALLPCB inspects the manufacturers for you by the on-the-spot investigation of the fabrication capacity, quality control, facilities, etc. ALLPCB factory auditor verifies the following information with the criteria of impartiality.

SINOFAST's Basic Information Certification

on-the-spot investigation
Business Scope: Prototype
Establish Time: 2005
Factory Area: 1500 (Purchase)
Company Type: Domestic Sole InvestmentEnterprise
Total Staff: 50
Certification Type:

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SINOFAST's Manufacturing Capabilities

Material Type Item MIN MAX
PCB Size(length*width*thickness) 50*40*0.38mm 510*460*4.2mm
Weight 1.8kg
Special size 610*510*4.2mm
Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Aluminum board,FPC
Surface treatment HAL,OSP,Immersion gold,plated gold,golden finger
Electronic components Chip and IC 0402(1.0*0.5) 22*22
Special size(connector) 1.6*0.8 72mm
BGA pitch 0.3mm 1.0mm
QFP pitch 0.3mm 1.0mm
Prodcut Type Product Quantity Normal delivery time The quickest delivery time
SMD+connecto 5~200 6WD 3WD
201~2000 9WD 7WD
≥2000 12~15WD 10WD
SMD+DIP 5~200 6WD 4WD
201~2000 12WD 10WD
≥2000 20WD 15WD


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High Quality : 5
On-time : 5


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