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pcb used for High Power LEDs

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With aluminum pcb, it can't transfer enough heat to cool down the temperature.I thought about using a ceramic pcb. Does anyone have experience with ceramic pcbs? Another question is that is there a way to manufacture an aluminum pcb directly on a heat-sink?

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Jul 14 at 19:31
Bartosz Orzechowski

You can use water cooling, as anything else will fail.

Aug 18 at 00:51

You can use a petier element between the pcb and the heat-sink for a better heat transfer.

Nov 14 at 01:49
Jeff Hanenkrat

A ceramic pcb will not perform as good as you think. A Copperinlay might be the better way of coping with these high losses. You didn't tell us how big your pcb is.

Nov 19 at 09:30
Malcolm Evans
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