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how to use MultiSim for a beginner?

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I'm just starting to use MultiSim. What would be the best way to learn to use MultiSim in your opinion?

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May 16 at 13:52
Ercin Dalgic

"High-end" packages are designed to be operated by full-time layout engineers. If you are a beginners, it takes sometime for you to use this tool. Maybe you'll need a week or two to start performant design work.

Jun 14 at 11:51

High End PCB Design Tools are created to do High End PCB Design. A skilled designer is needed, who knows how to use the tools very professionally. But High End software can also be used to design simple pcb boards and it will be a faster way than Eagle.

Oct 13 at 05:18
Javier Martínez Verdú
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