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Why we need to avoid vertical through-hole resistors?

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For my design, vertically mounting them would save some space and cost instead of mounting them horizontally. However, vertically mounted resistors is rarely see in commercial or industrial products. So, should I avoid using the vertical resistors even though they will save cost up front?

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Jul 5 at 14:20
Rolf Niemand

Mounting a resistor vertically creates a bigger loop that can pick-up interference magnetically.This is why horizontally mounting is more popular.

Aug 3 at 18:07

As I know, vertical resistors are very common in cost-sensitive, hand-soldered products. So I think your are making a good decision when cost is a major concern.

Sep 19 at 20:46

Vertical resistors can short if they are pushed over. For the same reason they're less resistant to vibration

Oct 31 at 08:22
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