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Why are simple PCBs difficult to lay out in "High-end" PCB layout packages?

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Why is it so difficult to lay out simple PCBs in the “high-end” PCB layout packages?

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Jun 21 at 14:25
Sotiris Katsis

Meter is the common measure standard in my country , so I converted every inch-based value to millimeters and used it in my CAD-tool.

Sep 7 at 10:19
Andrew Ward

PCB companies in center/south Europe usually use mil.

Oct 5 at 13:07

Mils is mostly used. But sometimes you can use mm, such as If you are using the newer 2mm pitch parts

Oct 11 at 23:57
Greg Smart

Most use Mils You will find it very convenient if you use mils.Because most PCB manufacturers also use mils and also the datasheets are in mils as a more easy way.

Nov 23 at 09:57
Nigel Nichols
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