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Which is best program for schematics and PCB?

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As mentioned, do you think which is best program for schematics and PCB? thank you

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Mar 5 at 18:02
Giampaolo Braga

Copper pour wire size is thermal wire size. But copper pour wire size has nothing to do with placement. Set "orphans off", then the copper pour is limited with the dimension layer, as long as there are no pads outside the dimension layer. I usually place the copper pour polygone exactely where I want the borders.

Mar 9 at 10:26
Achim Paulduro

Don't set the wire size in a polygon. With a width of zero the polygon may not even render correctly.

Apr 10 at 18:29
Prashanth Gunjur Munireddy

If you set the copper pour size to zero, it produces gerbers that cause problems. So don’t do that.

Jun 30 at 02:06
Barbara Seria
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