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Using fiducials for individual components on a pcb

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I have a panel needs , and I place three fiducials on each pcb for a plane needed iducials. But some IC footprints also show local fiducials. I've seen them for instance for certain TQFP footprints. When are they required?

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Jun 24 at 11:17
Piet Friskus

BGA devices often used fiducials, because the pads can't be seen when the chip is placed in position manually. I don't think I've seen them used with TQFP parts.

Jul 29 at 20:16

Fiducials are used to provide better accuracy when placing components on the pcb. There is a camera that recognizes the fiducials and uses it as a registration point to calibrate where the machine thinks it is on the pcb.

Aug 5 at 08:27
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