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The way of using Altium pcbDoc with Eagle

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I am currently using Altium Designer on business and Eagle. Is it possible to export the Altium pcbDoc files to use them with Eagle anyhow? Can I export brd files with Altium and they can't be opened with Eagle?

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Jul 5 at 23:46
Boris Drazic

If you have altium somewhere, you can export your designs to ACCEL ASCII format.

Sep 13 at 04:44

Altium offers a license model that allows you to use an office license at home on condition of both copies not running at the very same time.

Nov 21 at 14:51

You can use a copy of AD at home, when this licence is not used at work.

Nov 24 at 09:41

Using them is not possible. But importing them as a static graphic element via gerber files seems possible.

Nov 28 at 12:47
Thomas van Veen
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