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The space between a pcb's edge and traces and holes, how much shold it be?

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A pcb is designed for use with an Arduino mega. I want to know if there is a good rule for how much space I should leave between the edge of the pcb and various items, such as traces, surface mounts etc. The space around everything is 0.1" except of a through hole for a DC jack, which comes 0.05" from the edge. Can I remove some of this space without hurting my design?

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Jun 10 at 12:04
Lebrun Bernard

In your case, you are safe with a 20mil clearance.

Jun 25 at 18:00

In a DRC file,it is ususlly specified the minimum clearances and other parameters, and used to verify the layout meets these rules before Gerbers are generated.

Sep 16 at 03:02
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