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The problems caused by massive Gerber files from Eagle

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When I export an 8" square design, most f which is copper to Gerber files. The top layer file size is about 20 MB, which is huge for pcb houses that will crash their software. Do you know any way to not make the Gerber files huge? I'm currently using the Extended Gerber format.

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Jun 16 at 10:09
David Russell

In Eagle, the copper "polygons" are made up of many parallel overlapping traces. If the polygon's linewidth is set to something small, it quickly consumes large amounts of data when converted to Gerbers.You can solve this problem by changing the polygon's linewidth to something thicker.

Aug 29 at 15:54

If you need your current polygon settings,it is better to make a small width, detailed polygon where it is important, and make a larger, course one over the rest of that layer.

Oct 21 at 09:57
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