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Low cost circuit and pcb design software

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Can anyone suggest freeware or low cost circuit design software?

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Jun 25 at 11:51
Sebastien CRETENET

What I want to suggest is called Fritzing, which has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac. This may not be a pcb design software, but it takes a new, creative approach to circuit and pcb design, and lets you prototype around with a breadboard view.

Aug 18 at 04:01

Easy PC is really well for small sized projects, it supports multi-layer pcbs, and has an entry level Autorouter, or you can buy the pro Autorouter as an addon.

Aug 26 at 16:13

Kicad is a good source, and it is a relatively well-integrated package of schematics and layout editor.

Aug 31 at 02:33
Yucel Calik
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