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In a four layer PCB, will the layer order matters?

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Does it matter when changing the order of the inner layer of four layer PCB?

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Jun 30 at 18:46
Nick Jay

If you put a big copper plane for ground on layer 2 and another one for power on 3 and assign them to the ground and power nets respectively. When you glood the copper, PADS will connect them as you want.

Jul 2 at 13:25
Arcadia Lis

You can use a via for your purpose. It is probably the power planes are internal. Use a via to connect from the signal planes to the internal power or ground plane.

Sep 9 at 07:44
Bob srfdeiasn

Using a via can make connection with ground plane.In case of surface-mount component, there is separate via connected to the surface-mount pad. In case of throughole component, the pin is soldered into the via.

Oct 16 at 18:01
Technology lover
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