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If I want to design high frequency RF PCB, which rule I should consider in altium?

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If I want to design a high frenqurncy PCB for education, can anyone give me some professional reference?

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Jun 2 at 14:18
Luis Fernando Carabali

The deciding poingt is Cost.. For example,I want to get a quote with 60*80MM 4 layer PCB design. I get a quote for 22K USD for 20 pieces, I naturally objected.They said is because it has buried vias. Later, I changed the design sent the gerbers back, price was 150$ in 5 working days. Unless you have BGA package, don't use any via other than through hole.

Jun 19 at 07:31

Blind and buried vias will cost more on a multi-layer board. Because their high cost,they are only used on high-density, high-performance systems.

Nov 15 at 20:37
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