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How to make a waterproof PCB?

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I'm required to make a waterproof PCB. Can I find a coating type to protect my board from water? I should mention that some parts of the board should be in direct contact with the water and another parts should be insulated!

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Oct 4 at 13:21
David Soares

It depends on the water you are measuring.If you are measuring just plain water almost any conformal coating can be used . You need to be sure that the power and other leads to the board are correctly sealed is a must. Water can be wicked along the insulation and coating.

Oct 28 at 03:24
Colin Durbridge

This depends on how much eat your board will dissipate. Anyway, if it's something ultra low power: silicone, several coats of varnish, hot glue and anything else that sticks, I guess, will protect your board.

Nov 25 at 02:41

If it's going to be submerged most or all of the time, any type of epoxy based coating should work. You might check out board applications.

Dec 4 at 19:05
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