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How to intigrate 2 PCBs?

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Two PCBs are designed in Altium. Can I combine them in one PCB document?

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Aug 25 at 23:36

I am an engineer and I am on this about 12 years, i think I can give some suggestions to you. But can I take a picture of the board with that problem?

Sep 17 at 23:37

If the vias in the inner layers that don't reach out to both of the outer layers, they could be 'buried vias' or 'blind vias'. A through hole via, normally goes through all layers.

Sep 19 at 19:21

Do you mean the via pads on internal layers that don't connect? If so I remove them - in fact Altium removes un-used pads from internal layer automatically.

Oct 1 at 12:03

If you mean, the via is partly placed on only one plane without touching the other plane, then there will be no fault.

Oct 10 at 06:51
Andreas Jönsson

If the via is partly placed on both planes, then there will be a manufacturing fault.Because both planes will be connected to each other.

Dec 3 at 19:55
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