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How to creat gerber layer for glue screen creation?

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We want to use our screener to apply the glue to the board. The gerber files have the layer for the pads which we can get a screen for applying soldering paste by sending it to board house. What's more, the gerber files do not have a layer that would represent what we would need to create a screen for applying glue. How to handle this?

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Jun 15 at 14:19
Sergio Sota Ortega

In some EDA software, it is possible to do this. For example, in Altium you can create a mechanical layer pair called something like 'glue layer' and the designed glue dots will appear on the appropriate layer for the component.

Jun 22 at 10:54

You can create a separate footprint that would be specifically for glue application. By pairing the two layers you would not have to manually add all of the glue footprints.

Dec 3 at 18:01
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