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Ground Plane of PCB

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I am a green hand to pcb design, I build custom tube audio gear. And using a PCB may be better for some gears. If using a large ground plane on the top as well as the bottom of the pcb,will there be any problems? The PCB designed is for a tube preamp, so want to make sure to eliminate noise by using a ground plane.

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Aug 21 at 21:37
Michele Deligio

Can you add more detail on your problem. Are you the owner of the PCB designs? If so, you can just create a multi-layer PCB. With this are associated design considerations. If you're not the owner of the PCB designs, how were you hoping to combine them?

Oct 29 at 23:38

I would combine the two in a multi-layer PCB. I would look up design rules for PCB design across multiple layers. You should find plenty of white documents to help you.

Nov 3 at 19:05
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