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Does the PCB fab have standard PCB Array Size for PCB Assembly?

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I want to manufactured my boards in Company A, and assembled them in Companies B, C, and D. Companies B, C, and D can assemble on individually routed boards, but with higher cost. My PCB is rectangular, size 2.5" x 6.2". I want to know how I should create the array when I order my PCB. I am planning on using v-cut because I have no components near the edges.

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Jun 22 at 16:39
Stephen Gullotto

It does. And not only does the order of your layers matter, you can also influence your results by specifying the thickness of the FR4 cores or prepregs and the copper traces.

Aug 7 at 18:38

In the world of VCC is the same as ground for AC signals, and then the order doesn't matter. In practice ground and power net impedances aren't zero.

Oct 21 at 00:02
Mohamed Ramadan Elhanafy
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