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Blind/buried vias and through hole vias, how to choose?

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I know that there are three vias, blind/buried vias and through hole vias. But of the products I see will use through hole vias rather than blind and buried vias, why?

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Jun 8 at 13:26
Livio Collovini

As I know,the number of vias is not as important as the size or type. Microvias are much smaller and will cost more than a standard via. Blind vias will also be more expensive. There is probably no price difference between having 300 vias and 100.

Jul 22 at 00:10
David efiv

You need to ask the manufacturing fabs for the cost of different number of holes and different drill sizes.And also ask if they do an electric test of the connectivity of the boards and compare the price of different fabs.

Aug 18 at 02:13

Some prototype manufacturing will charge extra if drill sizes you need are many kinds, or sizes outside their normal drill set.

Dec 4 at 00:16
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