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How Can I Get My FPC Order at $0?
QTY ≤ 10pcs FPC Thickness ≤ 0.13mm, 1 or 2 layers
Stiffener PI or none Min width / spacing ≥ 6mil
Surface Treatment Immersion Gold Thickness of Immersion Gold 1U''
Hole Size ≥ 0.2mm 3M tape None
Copper Thickness ≤ 1/2OZ Test Flying Probe Test
FPC Size ≤ 30*100mm Electromagnetic Shielding None
Terms & Conditions:

The free fpc prototype coupon only applies for the specifications above and for normal boards.

The coupon can only be used to deduct the cost of the fpc product, not including the freight.

The coupon is only applicable to enterprise users.

Individual users will automatically get a free fpc prototype coupon after upgrading to enterprise users. Upgrade Now

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Advanced Equipment Ensures High-Quality FPC Boards

Drilling machine

Carbon black hole vacuum etching machine

Automatic exposure machine

LDI exposure machine

Vacuum etching Iine

Laser cutter

Flying probe testing machine

Testing machine

Automatic reinforcement machine