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Features for PCB development trend Reply 2017-05-09 18:05:12

Jana Velicova

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As reported, the future development trend of PCB mainly shows the following major features:
1.Multi-layer board high-speed, high frequency and high heat applications will continue to expand. (New wireless technology, high-speed data transmission, new applications and high reliability requirements.)

2.More sophisticated HDI board appears. (Thin, more close, more advanced material requirements for high-end smartphones, Sip templates.) 

3.Advanced wafer-level packaging technology. (Such as fan-shaped IC packaging will reduce the need for organic packaging substrate)

4.Rigid and flexible combination in multilayer circuits may become more popular with the market. (Monitors, sensors, wearable electronic products, other applications.)
5.Demand for fine pitch FPC and low loss substrate material increases. The package substrate may use a photographic medium to make 2 micron line spacing in silicon wafers build an organic substrate.
6.PCB intelligent, automated production wave is unstoppable.

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Anders Appelgren

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Can I say that I can guess several points without reading your post?