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Which is better between single layer and double layer PCB?

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How should I choose between the two? When to use single and when to use double PCB? If I have a circuit involved in an arduino, a motor driver and a Bluetooth module, can I use single? If no, please tell me why?

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May 20 at 08:05
Giovanni Pelliccioni

Using a bright light, it's easy to see if a board has inner layers even if it doesn't have blind vias.IF the board have inner layers,it will be a multilayer PCB,otherwise it is not. But for this way, we could not know the exact layers of the board.

Jun 16 at 09:31

Some PCB will have a "stair-step"; each layer labeled with a copper number and cutouts in the other layer to be able to see it.

Jun 18 at 03:38
Jose Valdiande

I was burnt by layer numbering today,my layer number "1" is mistaken as a marker for pin 1 on some nearby connector.

Jun 29 at 11:15

Cut the board in half and inspect the copper, the layers of PCB is the same as the layers of copper.

Sep 28 at 20:50
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