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ALLPCB TEAM Jun 11, 2018

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The way of converting PDF to Gerber for pcb layout?

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I have a PDF file with a pcb layout that I am planing to produce, but Gerber format is what we want. Do you know easy way to convert?

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Jun 30 at 18:49
Tamir Asaraf

Normally there is no direct way, but you could convert the PDF file to Postscript by printing it to a file, using a Postscript driver.Because some pcb fab can work from Postscript files instead of Gerber file.

Oct 4 at 08:49

You can ask the company that did the layout for Gerbers or CAD originals. Most companies that sell evaluation boards for their chips will do this.

Oct 29 at 16:55

As a set of gerber files contain more information than the average PDF, for example drill sizes and parameters of vias.So it is impossible to convert directly.

Oct 30 at 06:52
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