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PCB stack-up question for 4 layers PCB

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I want design a 4-layered PCB. There is one way of stack-up I learned by searching online: TOP--GND--VCC--BOTTOM But waht I want is as below: TOP--VCC--BOT--GND Will there be a problem?

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May 27 at 09:20
Eduardo Gonzalez

The operating frequenncy and the application of your design is not given by you. So that it is impossible to give clear advice.

May 31 at 19:36

Generally speaking,Altium is not a good PCB package for RF circuits with the need of Transmission Lines,Microwave Elements such as Lange Couplers, Sheet Filters etc. Cadence Allegro+RF Option is a good choice for these types of layouts but it's quite expensive.

Jun 1 at 05:25

Is there a RF design or a high speed digital design you need? And what is the function of this design.Onlu when you write clear about your question,we can answer clear.

Nov 10 at 00:40
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