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PCB design in mils,inch or millimeter?

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hello, do you make pcb boards in milimeters or in inches or mil? what are your experiences? Do you have any suggestion?

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Jul 10 at 15:19
Mauro Del Signore

Nowadays double sided is so easy for manufacturers that it generally takes the same money as single sided. If you made at home, single sided is far easier to do,but you need to avoid issues with alignment, through-hole plating,etc. It also depends on how complex the circuit is - some things are very easy to route single sided, others aren't.

Jul 28 at 12:51
Abdallaoui Maan Mourad

It depends on the soldering and shielding you need.

Aug 22 at 09:01

A double-sided PCB will have a ground plane which is better for reducing electrical noise.

Sep 4 at 17:28
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