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I have found a Short Circuit in a PCB. Can I locate it with eagle?

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There are two PCBs from a cheap fab and there's a short between +5V and ground on one of them, which I had noticed when using a multimeter to test. It's a large two-layer board which is visually inspected by me.But I haven't found the problem yet. I've ripped up all nets except for +5V and ground and hid all layers but the top and bottom copper, which at least lets me pay attention to the areas I need to examine. This helps a little.

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Aug 15 at 19:45
Nelson Souto

Maybe with enough work, you can do that. Usually when EDA tools generate PDFs, they do it on some sort of scale, and a composite printout might have all the layers in it at once. Possibly there's a route PDF - EPS - DXF - GBR or something like that. Or deconstruct the files and do it by hand.

Nov 11 at 16:06

I am afraid you cannot.

Nov 26 at 15:34
Keven Lohuds
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