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How to panelize gerber files?

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The panel I want to order is with four different designs. And I used two different softwares, which are Altium and Eagle. Altium has tool for panelizing boards designed in it, but I don't think it can put designs from other programs on the panel. Can you supply any suggestions of panelizing these pcbs?

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Jul 1 at 17:07
sam adnan

utility GerbMerge can help you a lot. The utility can be found: http://www.gedasymbols.org/user/stefan_tauner/tools/gerbmerge/doc/#Running .

Jul 15 at 17:52

Generating all files into Gerber files and combining it or take the advice from Naz. If it is a sample order, leave it to your fabricator who can make it by their own .Anyway, A good communication with the vendor can help you a lot.

Sep 21 at 15:28
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